Meet Kathleen

Kathleen Lammens is an internationally recognized author, professional hypnotherapist and weight loss counselor, as well as a featured speaker for organizations like the American Board of Hypnotherapy, Mensa, and the Learning Annex.  Her passion is helping people achieve lifetime weight loss and bring the magic and fulfillment back into their lives.

Starting in her late twenties, Kathleen began having problems with weight gain.  In order to combat the extra pounds, she tried all kinds of diets; low calorie, low fat, low carb – even the HCG diet.  But even though she was successful at losing the weight each time she dieted, somehow she always found herself regaining.  It seemed like every time she stopped dieting, more and more weight just came back.  Soon she found herself closing in on 200 lbs, and she became very depressed. It was then she decided she needed a radical change!

She realized that it was almost impossible to achieve permanent weight loss while she was addicted to sugary, high carbohydrate foods. Every time she stopped dieting, Kathleen found herself returning to these same “comfort” foods over and over again.  She finally realized that in order to achieve lifetime weight loss, she would have to change her attitudes and emotions surrounding food and exercise once and for all.

Her research led her to develop ThinStead, a mind-body weight loss process designed to eliminate emotional eating behavior and teach people how to become, and stay, permanently thin. Using the same techniques she shares with readers in her book, Kathleen was able to overcome her overeating behavior by eliminating the emotional causes of her food cravings.  She found that by releasing her deepest negative emotions, she was able to finally free herself from the nightmare cycle of yo-yo dieting and ultimately achieve permanent weight loss.

And now she’s excited to be able to share her success secrets with readers all over the world. Kathleen invites you to learn how to achieve lifetime weight loss and bring the passion and zest back into your life with ThinStead!